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Anchorage single color ad and mailer-take 2 February 25, 2010

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15 Responses to “Anchorage single color ad and mailer-take 2”

  1. clhartley Says:

    Very adaptable design. I can see it with any athlete. I like your snowboarder best because it seems to have the most motion.

  2. imamerry Says:

    these are nice, I like the the idea of the the swirls around the athletes. I like the layout of the posters. I was thinking maybe add some shadows or contrast to add depth.


  3. Yan Says:

    I like the top one and i think you can try different color for the figure of the man there, may be you can use some light color like orange or yellow or rings color, also move the ring to top right and move the mountains down a little bit.

  4. Jared Hentz Says:

    You’ve really integrated the design of the logo with your ads well. It’s subtle but adds a lot to each ad. You’re first one is probably my favorite but I really do like both of them a lot.

  5. cristinekasha Says:

    Looks pretty good. The snowboarding one is def more dynamic than the skier and I think that has a lot to do with the negative space and asymmetry of the first put colored goggles on the skier, so i would put it on the snowboarder too.

  6. Eileentsai Says:

    Both of them look good. They all look dynamic because of the waves and I also like the consistency of your ads and logo.

  7. leonard Says:

    i think the designs are great your just missing a tag line. i like the snowboarder the most, it has more movement to it and it doesn’t look like its been tangled in seaweed.

  8. agarden7 Says:

    Im assuming the few youve done are or different sports but one concept. I like the concept a lot. somehow i feel the northern lights should be incorporated some how more than the swirls of light. Good ideas!

  9. gina Says:

    Your incorporation of the logo works nicely. I love the ribbons of color. I enjoy both designs, but if I had to chose I think the top one works best. Maybe because of the contrast of the figure with the blue. So perhaps you could integrate that into the second one as well? Great job!!!

  10. dmarquis22 Says:

    I like poster is look very nice. The composition is working well together.

  11. i like how you incorporated the swirls around the athlete and i like the simplicity of your color palette

  12. elise Says:

    These are such an improvement from your first comp. I think the first one works better than the second, it has more dynamic imagery. Nice job. I like the colors as well.

  13. Sara Says:

    What i like about your poster is that I can see this being published. I like your idea of using a two-dimensional figure. The composition works well with your logo too. They way you played with your negative space is nice too.

  14. Kylie K Says:

    I agree with other comments. I like the snowboarder poster. It could be just me, but the top left of the first swirl line could fade a little into the background. It is leading my eye off the page.

  15. joe Says:

    with the snowboarder you need one more ribbon/light thing to make it consistent with everything else. i assume the ski jumper is single color. overall its a great idea. try to add more gradient to add more depth. can the athletes be larger in the composition?

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