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art 341-first round comps March 23, 2010

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McAfee Total protection and Internet Security Covers

The border didnt show up for some reason, so the curve you see on the right is the die cut of the corner of the box.


art 446- Ace of Cakes box set packaging design March 16, 2010

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Art 341- Software Sketches- McAfee

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Ace of Cakes March 10, 2010

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For my re-design of a special edition tv series. I am choosing to do the tv series Ace of Cakes on the Food network. I love to bake, and I love this show, so I thought it would be perfect. Ace of Cakes is the name of the show, Charm City Cakes is the name of the bakery that is in Baltimore. Charm City Cakes was first started in 2000 by Duff Goldman. They will make any type of cake that you want. There is no limit to what they can do.

Here is a cake they did, how cute!

What I want to do with the structure is to make it look like a cake. My idea is to have the first 3 seasons in a box. Each box is circular ( like the tiers of a cake), the 3 boxes will be stacked on top of each other, and inside of each box is a season.


5 special edition packaging March 9, 2010

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Alone in the Dark, is a video game but they came out with this awesome special edition packaging. I like the way it opens from the center.

I think that this packaging for Lost is very cool! It fits the show very well.

The packaging for Gilmore Girls is very cute, and fits the show very well. I like that the structure of the box is different than most tv series packaging. I like the handle on top of the box.

This is my favorite tv show! I love the packaging for this series. I think it fits the show very well and includes some of the most funniest moments.

The x-files special edition  case is pretty cool. It represents the show very well, and has a very simple structure.


Software Packaging- McAfree

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For my re-design I decided to to McAfree. McAfree’s mission statement says, ” McAfee proactively secures systems and networks from known and as yet undiscovered threats worldwide. Home users, businesses, service providers, government agencies, and our partners all trust our unmatched security expertise and have confidence in our comprehensive and proven solutions to effectively block attacks and prevent disruptions.”

McAfree is only available for use on PC’s. McAfree allows you to surf the web, buy things online, without getting virus’ or slowing down your computer. McAfree is #1 in detecting malware,  it will also back up your files.

The 3 different types of software that I will be redesigning is the AntiVirus Plus, Total Protection, and Internet Security. What I want to focus on is to try something different with the structure. I want to keep the same box shape, but maybe add a flap or something. Also, I don’t feel that the photography on the cover of the product relates to the product at all. I would like to take the photography away and perhaps add a texture, or pattern, or something that relates to the product. I would like to keep the simple, clean, and minimal look to the package.