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art 446- Ace of Cakes box set packaging design March 16, 2010

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5 Responses to “art 446- Ace of Cakes box set packaging design”

  1. arazzz Says:

    I love the 3 tier cake idea. It may be challenging to create, but if you can make it work that would be awesome. I believe the audience for this show will appreciate this creative idea! I personally love that show.

  2. Rogue_hunter Says:

    I think the second sketch with the three tier wedding cake would work the best, and it would allow you to incorporate the fondant and other textures from the rest of the sketches into one cohesive unit. The polaroid cover and the playing card don’t seem unique enough, and the first three tier cake design is too unwieldy for a collector.

    Having watched the show since the beginning, I can see alot of cool stuff for the disc and insert design as well.

  3. hispanichulk Says:

    the second package would work out better. that way you could put the dvds in with the titles on the side, facing you.

  4. tinaku417 Says:

    I like Ace of Cakes. I like your ideas. I think the second package will working well but wedding cake are not the good idea because they’re cakes are big, better and awesome structure also they using mechanical tools

  5. Hakon Engivg Says:

    i think you are off to a good start with unique package ideas for the Ace of Cakes show. however i have no idea what this show is so i feel i would be a very bad source of suggestion. but just from an outside view i think the stacked circular cake is the best star!

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