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art 341-first round comps March 23, 2010

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McAfee Total protection and Internet Security Covers

The border didnt show up for some reason, so the curve you see on the right is the die cut of the corner of the box.


3 Responses to “art 341-first round comps”

  1. Marisol Says:

    I like where you are going with your idea but I don;t think you need all that information in front of your box. Maybe you can enlarge your design, because there is too much negative space.

  2. dmarquis22 Says:

    Nice… competition. Good use of elements like the shield and lock, both are good symbols of protects.

  3. imamerry Says:

    I like the second one with the plus shield. I like the idea of the die-cut, but i dont know the concept of it. I agree with Joe the text next to the image is too much. Great Job.

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